2022年 June4日 Saturday

A single typical term stating the complete development

A single typical term stating the complete development

regexp Produced by new makeRe means. That is useful in cases where you want to utilize the development a bit like fnmatch(3) that have FNM_Road enabled.

  • makeRe Build the fresh new regexp user if necessary, and send it back. Commonly return untrue in the event the development is actually incorrect.
  • match(fname) Come back true whether your filename suits the latest pattern, or false otherwise.
  • matchOne(fileArray, patternArray, partial) Just take a / -separated filename, and you can suits it up against an individual row on regExpSet . This technique is generally to have interior play with, it is unsealed so it can be utilized by a beneficial glob-walker that needs to avoid continuously filesystem calls.

Suits contrary to the a number of data, about variety of fnmatch otherwise glob. If the there is nothing coordinated, and you will possibilities.nonull is set, next come back an email list that has the fresh trend alone. →続きを読む